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Organiser Bag for the byACRE Rollators Range

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The byACRE organiser is made to hold your personal belongings, such as keys, wallet, napkins, etc. It can be attached to the back of the byACRE Rollator.

With the attachable shoulder strap, the organiser can be carried over your shoulder like a small purse, when you are not using it on the byACRE Rollator.

It is available in two sizes to suit the Ultralight Carbon Fiber Regular Size,  Ultralight Carbon Fiber Wide Track Size and the Carbon Overland Rollator byACRE Rollators.

      byACRE Rollators Range:

      Ultralight Carbon Fiber Rollator byACRE

      Carbon Overland Rollator byACRE

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      The Organiser Bag byACRE is available in two sizes which will fit:

      Bag Size Fits

      Regular Size

      L 35 x H 20 x D 9 cm

      •  Ultralight Carbon Fiber Rollator - Regular size

      Wide Track Size 

      40 × H 22 × D 9 cm

      • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Rollator - Wide Track size
      • Overland Carbon Rollator