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Grocery bag for the byACRE rollators

Grocery bag for the byACRE rollators


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Going shop with your byACRE Rollator? The grocery bag is a convenient way to carry your shopping around!

It fits all the rollators in the Ultralight Carbon Fibre Rollator and the Carbon Overland Rollator byACRE range


  • Spacious bag, ideal for carrying your grocery shopping
  • The bag can be folded so it doesn't take up extra space in your home
  • Wear and weather-resistant material with an elegant lining inside
  • Hooks on the side of the rollator
  • Easy to attach and detach to the rollator


  • Volume: 20 litres
  • D: 12 cm
  • W: 37 cm
  • H:  30 cm
  • Load capacity: 5 kg
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Colour: Grey

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