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Travel bag for byACRE rollators (Ultralight or Overland)

Travel bag for byACRE rollators (Ultralight or Overland)


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The Ultralight Range travel bag is only suitable for the Ultralight Carbon Fiber Rollator byACRE Range (any size). This travel bag is only available in grey.

The Overland Range Travel Bag is only suitable for the Carbon Overland Rollator byACRE This travel bag is only available in black.

Heading to the bach or on an aeroplane and want to protect the walker while travelling

Need an easier way to carry your walker longer distances?

Why not consider the travel bag? This lightweight bag made from sturdy material will protect your frame as it travels to its next adventure.

  • Wear-resistant, padded and sturdy material with an elegant and soft lining inside for optimal protection
  • Carry-handle and shoulder strap for easy transportation in airports, busses, trains or cruise ships
  • Integrated protection pad so the wheels and axles are protected during transport
  •  Perfect custom fit for the best protection possible