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If you have any questions relating to incontinence or any other product offered on Radius Care Online, please email us on shop@radiuscareonline.net.nz and we will be more than happy to help you.



About Delivery & Returns 

How much are the shipping charges and how long will shipping take? 

The shipping is calculated based on the weight of the product, so the cost for that will depend on the product’s weight.

We aim to have all orders dispatched within one working day. The standard delivery time is of 2 to 5 working days, but please do allow for more time if it’s during the holidays, or if it is a busy time of year.


How do I return a product?

While we will do our up-most to help you with a situation where you wish to return a product, our suppliers may refuse due to damage or the time frame from purchase. However, if you have simply purchased the wrong product and it is still in the packaging we will be able to return it for you with 100% money back.  



About Payment Methods

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). You can process your payment securely through Paymark, which means you can use your EFTPOS card to make the payment.

We also accept Bank Deposit and cheques. For these options, please contact the shop manager on shop@radiuscare.co.nz or 0800 213 313.


About Incontinence Products

Why are there so many different products?

Abena offers such a wide range of products because we want to meet each and every specific need of our customers. Different types and levels of incontinence require different absorbencies.


How do I choose the correct size?

Please refer to our product guide on the button below. If you are unsure about your size, please use a measuring tape and follow the instructions provided. If you are still not sure, please contact us.


Download Our Product Selection Guide


Why are Abena products so discreet?

Incontinence can be a problem for people in at all ages. Most of them are living an active life and have a vivid social life. Incontinence is unfortunately still taboo and people do not want others to notice and recognise their incontinence product underneath their clothes. Therefore Abena aims to develop discreet and noiseless products, which at the same time offer the best comfort possible.


What is meant by a one-piece system?

The one-piece system is incontinence briefs, absorbent pant or hip belt system that can be worn without underwear or fixation pants. The Abena Abri-Form, Abri-Flex and Abri-Wing are examples of unitary one-piece systems.


After a couple of hours, the product is only half used. Can I switch to an absorbency level lower?

If the product is only used 50% after 6-8 hours you can consider to use a product with a lower absorption. To find out which absorption level is the most suitable, it can be helpful to register the fluid intake for three days to see how much liquid your body is processing. 


What do I do if the wetness indicator says that the product is not fully used up, but still my bed is wet?

In this case, the product was not applied correctly or was pushed around because of body movement. Another reason could be that the fixation pant is not in the right size, which causes the incontinence product not being placed correctly.


Will one type of incontinence product suit all my needs?

Not necessarily, you might find that you prefer a smaller, thinner incontinence pad during the day but need a larger, more absorbent incontinence pad at night if you experience leakage during the evening. Also, you might find that you prefer the convenience and ease of changing incontinence pads during a normal day but prefer the added leakage security of incontinence pant type products on long days out or special occasions. We recommend that you try a variety of products to find the one best suited to your own circumstances


Some products have "odour control", how does this work?

The super absorbents in the incontinence pad also have the added benefit of being pH neutral. This means that they work against the acidic nature of urine (which is what causes the ammonia smell) and prevent odour developing for up to 12 hours.


Lots of Feminine Hygiene products contain "odour control" are they suitable for managing Incontinence or Bladder Weakness issues?

Although these products have odour managing properties they are designed for absorbing menstrual fluids, not urine. Therefore the speed at which they will absorb is different and they are more likely to break up over time, potentially causing leakage.


If I find that using one incontinence pad is not sufficient, can I just use two of my current incontinence pads together?

This isn't a good option as it's unlikely you will get a good fit to the body doing this and therefore leakage is more likely (if either layering on top or front to back). Also as most incontinence products have a waterproof backing then if products are layered on top of each other then it's unlikely that any liquid will pass through to the second. If a booster pad is needed for extra absorbency (e.g. at night or on a flight) then we would advise using a higher capacity pad, such as Abri-Form Confort and Abri-Form Premium.


How often should I change my incontinence pad?

Many larger incontinence pads have "wetness indicators" that tell you when they need changing, however, incontinence pads should be changed regularly even when not wet in order to maintain skin hygiene. Don't re-use a wet incontinence pad as it is likely to deteriorate more quickly and then cause leakage. Typically people use 4 to 6 pads per day.


What are the benefits of Disposable incontinence pads?

The main benefit of disposable incontinence pads is exactly that, they can be thrown away after usage and therefore are extremely hygienic and convenient. This means that it is easy to carry incontinence products around with you enabling you to change them when needed. Used incontinence pads should always be disposed of hygienically and never flushed down toilets. There is a large range of disposable incontinence products available to sort a variety of needs.



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