About AutoShip Subscriptions

Below is more information about the AutoShip option on our incontinence range.

Access products that are available with AutoShip here. (AT YOUR CHECKOUT USE CODE: AUTOSHIP) to receive your discount.

Using your customer portal details below;


  1. View upcoming payment dates.
  2. Manage existing AutoShip (add/remove and edit existing AutoShips).
  3. Manage payment info (add/remove/change payment methods on file).
  4. Manage addresses and personal information.
  5. Change answers to profile questions.
  6. Review invoice and payment history.
  7. Browse widgets to re-purchase (if "enabled" in widget settings).
  8. Review cart & checkout with existing information (much faster).
  9. Purchase gifts and/or manage additional profiles or sub-accounts.

You can access your customer portal here 


 Products subscription is available for

The AutoShip option is only currently available with the following products. 

AutoShip is available on all Abena and Nateen disposable Incontinence products.

See all products available here.


Once Radius Shop has processed payment for your first order you can only get a refund if that order has not been dispatched from our warehouse.  If for example you have an order set for the following week and this order has not yet been dispatched to you then that order will be valid for a refund.

You must contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your AutoShip.


How do I set up my AutoShip?

Select any of our disposable Incontinence range and the frequency you would like. 

How often can I have my AutoShip sent to me?

We have the following options (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every two months)

How do I view my AutoShip Profile?

Visit this link here and sign in or create an account 


When am I charged for my AutoShip?

You will be charged depending on the option that you select. (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every two months)

What happens if my credit card declines?

We will retry the payment a maximum of three times. Before cancelling your subscription.

What happens if my order falls on a public holiday?

Your order will be sent the following working day.

Where can I access AutoShip?

You can access the products available for the AutoShip feature here.


If you are having trouble with the customer portal please call us on the contact number below so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Phone: 0800 213 313

Email: shop@radiuscare.co.nz