Customised Rubber Ramps

If you need a specific size or cut on your ramp, we can do it for you!

You just need to download the Specs Sheet here, fill in the measurement that you need and email it to

Measuring Your Doorway

Our ramps are designed to last a lifetime, so it's important to take care when measuring your doorways. If the doorway is opens out over the ramp, leave 5mm - 10mm clearance so the door doesn't jam when opening. Be sure to measure the heights at various points along the width of the door, as not all doorways are level. See the diagram below showing which measurements are needed.

Customised Ramps | Rubber Ramps | Radius Shop | NZ

Submitting a Plan

The easiest way to have your custom design made, is to sketch a simple plan showing the shape and design details you require. Include as much info as possible regarding the heights and cut outs. If possible, attach photos of the door, along with the sketch plan to the email you will send to us. The sketch can be done in our  Specs Sheet that you can download here and we just need a simple viewing from the side of the ramp, which is usually enough, so long as all dimensions are made clear.

Customised Ramps | Rubber Ramps | Radius Shop | NZ


After you submitting a plan we will provide you with a quote and after your approval and payment, we will make the ramp and deliver it to you.

If you require a site visit, this service is available with an extra cost.

If you would like to talk to one of our friendly staff team, please, give us a call on 0800 213 313.

About our Ramps:
Recycled Rubber Threshold Ramps

  1. Made from Recycled car tires sourced in New Zealand.
  2. The ramps are heavy enough to stay in position without being fixed.
  3. Custom made to suit any doorway, ranch slider or step.
  4. Portable options that can be taken with you to friends houses/ cafes/ parks.
  5. Guaranteed for 5 years from wear and tear with standard usage.