Customised Rubber Ramps - Made To Suit Your Needs

Need a ramp of a specific size or shape? We've got you covered! Here's how to get your custom ramp:

You just need to download the Specs Sheet here, follow the instructions below, and email it to us

1. Measure Your Doorway

Our ramps are designed to last a lifetime, so it's important to take care when measuring your doorways. If your door opens over the ramp, allow 5mm - 10mm clearance to prevent jams. Measure the door's height at various points along its width, as doorways can be uneven. Refer to the diagram below for required measurements. Try to keep all measurements in a similar format, we use and prefer millimetres (mm) as standard.
Customised Ramps | Rubber Ramps | Radius Shop | NZ
Ramp and Quick Step Dimensions

2. Submit Your Design 

The simplest way to get your custom ramp is to sketch a basic plan showing your desired shape and design, including height and cut-out details. If possible, attach photos of your door along with the plan in the Specs Sheet. A side-view sketch of the ramp is usually sufficient, as long as all dimensions are clear.

Customised Ramps | Rubber Ramps | Radius Shop | NZ

Once you've submitted your plan to us we'll provide you with a quote and then after your approval and payment, we'll craft and deliver your custom ramp.

If you require a site visit, this service is available for an additional cost which depends on urgency and location.

For inquiries, call our friendly team at 0800 213 313 or email us at

About our ramps:

  • Crafted from recycled car tires sourced in New Zealand.
  • The ramps are heavy enough to stay in position without being fixed.
  • Custom-made to fit any doorway, ranch slider, or step.
  • Portable options for outings to friends' homes, cafes, or parks.
  • Backed by a 5-year guarantee against wear and tear with standard usage.