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Travel John Disposable unisex urinal - box of 3

Travel John Disposable unisex urinal - box of 3


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Travel John disposable unisex urinal bag box of 3.

Perfect for in the car and to enjoy a worry-free journey! The Travel John disposable urinal bag is an efficient and user-friendly way for those on the go to stay clean and dry! With a spill-proof gel to instantly absorb liquid and a unisex adapter for any user, no matter their position, this bag prevents back flow and stops bacterial growth with LIQSORB, a non-toxic and waste disposal safe biodegradable combination of fabric and polymer. 


  • Revolutionary bag within a bag design
  • Small and lightweight, no closure needed
  • Unisex collar for easy handling
  • Includes volume indicator, and antiseptic moist hand wipes for disinfection
  • Hygienic, odourless, resealable and leak proof
  • Reusable until full
  • Dimensions: 11.6 cm L x 11.6 cm W  x 5.1 cm H

As this is a hygiene item, returns are not accepted.