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Shower chair with arms by Viking

Shower chair with arms by Viking


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If a shower stool doesn’t offer enough support and you’d rather sit than perch, this shower chair may be what you need. 

The chair is height-adjustable and angle-adjustable to give the user the most comfortable showering experience possible.

It’s pre-treated for protection against rust and is made from epoxy-coated steel.


  • Dispatch time is 3-5 working days, plus delivery time
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable seat height and angle
  • Made from epoxy-coated mild steel
  • Pre-treated for rust protection


  • Seat height adjusts: 42-55cm
  • Width between arms: 45cm
  • Seat dimensions: 44Wx40Dcm
  • Chair weight: 4 kg
  • Max. user weight: 125kg
  • Footprint (Outermost length and width dimensions):
    - Width (front leg to front leg): 52.5cm
    - Depth (front leg to back leg): 54cm

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