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Unisex Premium Pads
Abri-San 1A
200ml capacity

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The Abri-San 1A has a capacity of 200ml. It can be secured to underwear with the adhesive strip and all Abri-San are best worn with our Abri-Fix Pants Super, for superior fixation. 


Unisex Pads | Abri-San 1A Premium 

  • Packet Size: 28 pads
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Pad Size: 10 x 28 cm

    Also available in different sizes and capacities: 

    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 1A | 200ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 2 | 350ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 3 | 500ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 4 | 800ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 5 | 1200ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 6 | 1600ml

    Pads Features | Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ

    • Anatomically shaped to contour the body
    • Unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthwise barriers
    • Top Dry skin contact layer and 100% Air Breathable
    • Special Super absorber
    • For lighter incontinence Abri-San 1 to 4 have an adhesive strip to secure to underwear
    • The pads are easy to carry around discreetly and are hygienically individually wrapped
    •  Awarded the Swan Eco label


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