Raised toilet seat with armrests

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A moulded plastic Raised Toilet Seat with padded arms, available in 2" or 4", that allows for security and independence when getting on and off the toilet.

Ideal for use after hip or knee replacement surgery. 

It easily attached directly to the toilet bowl via adjustable brackets.


  • Maximum Recommended User Weight :190kg
  • Nominal Seat Height - 2" option: 60mm
  • Nominal Seat Height - 4" option: 102 mm 
  • Height of Arms: 250mm
  • Width Between Arms: 440mm

Assembly Instruction:

(Recommended Maximum User Weight – 190kg)

  • Check all parts are correct
  • 1 x Seat
  • 1 x Left armrest
  • 1 x Right armrest (long side of the arm at the back of the seat)
  • 6 x Screws
  • 6 x Curved washers


Tools required:

  • 1 x Phillips screwdriver

TIP: Have an assembly surface that allows for overhanging so you can place the armrest securely.


  • Place seat upside down on the assembly surface


  • Place armrest in groove on the seat with long side of frame at the back


  • Place curved washers (with wings hugging the armrest frame) and screw into the screw holes (tighten loosely)


  • Repeat for remaining 2 holes

TIP: Start with the hole at the end of the long arm first


  • Repeat for opposite arm


  • Tighten all screws evenly


Completed Assembly

(To fasten to toilet seat, loosen the butterfly screws on the 3 mounts, and tighten to suite the toilet seat size)

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