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ABSO Premium bed pad with flaps 2600 ml absorbency

ABSO Premium bed pad with flaps 2600 ml absorbency


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This premium bed pad with flaps is designed for ultimate absorbency and protection, with four functional layers laminated together. Its special yarns rapidly draw away undesirable liquid, locking it away in layers beneath the top, which stays dry. The breathable PU membrane and fully laminated construction also help to prevent decubitus wounds, while their solid and reliable build is made to endure industrial washing and drying.

  • Antibacterial
  • Washable to 95 degrees
  • Absorption capacity: 2.62L
  • Bed Pad dimensions: 90 cm W x 85 L cm
  • Flaps dimensions: 38 cm W x 85 cm L
  • Overall dimensions with flaps:
    166 cm W x 85 cm L
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1) Can I use a mattress protector and/or a bed pad with an electric blanket?

You can use BOTH the mattress protector and the Kylie bed pad with an electric blanket. Please, make sure you follow the instructions that come with your electric blanket. 

Here is the order for how you should use it.

  1. Mattress
  2. Mattress protector
  3. Electric blanket
  4. Normal Fitted sheet
  5. Bed pad
  6. Person