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Pixel indoor walker by Rehasense

Pixel indoor walker by Rehasense


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Pixel is an ultra-lightweight rollator designed for indoor use. It offers support and safety for independent living. It weighs only 5.2 kg and has an adjustable handle height. It also comes with a tray and a basket.


  • With PIXEL, you also get a practical open-net bag for storing personal items such as mobile phones, TV remote controls, medicines, glasses, keys, etc. 
  • Includes a detachable tray in a nice smoke brown colour, practical size and shape as standard. Dishwasher proof
  • It includes a removable and washable textile basket
  • for storage or moving slightly bigger things as standard
  • Pixel Indoor Rollator is CE-marked and fulfils the requirements of EU directive 93/42 EEC for medical devices
  • Brake: The hand brake control bar with user-friendly paddles can be easily adjusted and works smoothly in two ways. It can be easily operated with one hand
  • Height adjustable: The push handle is easily adjusted to the required height (86-97 cm) with 5 adjustment increments. It can also be done with one hand.
  • Handgrip: The handgrip is covered with soft foam and is very comfortable to hold
  • Daily use: The frame design allows PIXEL to move closer to your chair, couch, or bed, which is used as a side table. With its width of 54 cm and swivelling front wheels, it can easily turn and pass very narrow doors, such as kitchen or toilet doors in old apartments
  • Walking: The rollator design, combined with its very low weight and super-soft wheels, performs extremely well when climbing doorsteps, etc. The wheels are equipped with soft, black PU tyres, which provide excellent comfort and optimal grip on smooth surfaces/floors
  • Click here to view the User Manual


Material Aluminium
Product weight [kg] 5.2
Max. load capacity (S.W.L) [kg] 110
Seat height [cm] N/A
Seat width [cm] N/A
Seat depth [cm] N/A
Unfolded measurements (length x width x height)  65 x 54 x (86-97) cm
Folded measurements (length x width x height) 91 x 54 x 27 cm
Transportation measurements (length x width x height)
95 x 54 x 28 cm
Shopping bag size (width x depth x height)
Types of wheels TPE only
Tray dimensions [cm] 43 x 33
Wheel size front
6'' (150 x 27)
Wheel size rear
6'' (150x27)
Product name Pixel Indoor Walker
Purpose Indoor
Warranty [years] 8 years

You can choose the type of wheels for your Pixel:

  • TPE wheels (Thermoplastic Elastomers): TPE has excellent traction and brake performance, which means that the brakes only need light pressure to work.
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