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PIXEL is a multifunctional and very practical ultra-lightweight rollator for indoor use.

It is for people who want to maintain an independent lifestyle, but need a little help, support and safety to get around in the house.

Besides a stylish, unique and modern design, Pixel has a very low weight of only 5.2 kg, it comes with a tray, a basket and the handles are height adjustable in 5 different positions.


  • Brake: The hand brake control bar with user-friendly paddles can be easily adjusted and works smoothly in two ways. It can be easily operated with one hand.
  • Height adjustable: The push handle is easy to adjust to the required height (86-97 cm) with 5 adjustment increments. It can be also done with one hand.
  • Handgrip: The handgrip is covered with soft foam and is very comfortable to hold.
  • Daily use: The frame design allows PIXEL to move closer to your chair, couch or bed, being used as a side table. With its width of 54 cm and swivelling front wheels, it can easily turn and pass very narrow doors, for example, kitchen or toilet doors in old apartments.
  • Walking: The rollator design combined with very low weight and super soft wheels provide extremely good performance when climbing doorsteps etc. Wheels are equipped with soft, black PU tyres which provides excellent comfort and optimal grip on smooth surfaces/floors.

To check the User Manual, click here

You can choose the type of wheels for your Pixel:

  • TPE wheels (Thermoplastic Elastomers): TPE has excellent traction and brake performance, which means that we only need light pressure for the brakes to work. Or you can upgrade your Rollator with soft PU wheels.
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      • Soft PU tyres: for great comfort on uneven ground.
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        Benefits of the Soft PU WHeels:

        • The soft composition of the tyres absorbs the resistance to rolling caused by small stones, making it easier to push,
        • Trade-off – Because of the softer composition, the Parking Brake requires more effort to apply than for the Standard Composition.
        • Note – please check the final brake adjustment when receiving the rollator. This can be adjusted easily by:
          • loosening the Brake Cable Lock Nut with an 8 mm spanner on the Brake Assembly at the rear wheels
          • adjust the gap between the tyre and the brake bar by turning the Adjustment Nut
          • approximately 2 mm gap is usually enough to lock the wheel and have a reasonable force to apply the Park Brake Lever. If this is not enough, then close the gap to 1 mm. More force will be required to apply the Park Brake.


        • Wheels 6 inches (150 mm)
        • Weight: 5.2Kg
        • Tray Size: 43x33cm
        • Max. load: 110kg
        • Total width: 54cm
        • Total length: 64cm
        • Handles height: 86 - 97cm
        • Height adjustable positions: 5 steps
        • Basket max. load: 5kg
        • Warranty: 5-years limited
        • For indoor use


        • With PIXEL, you get also a practical open net bag for storing personal items such as mobile phones, TV remote control, medicines, glasses, keys etc. 
        • Includes a detachable tray in a nice smoke brown colour, practical size and shape as standard. Dishwasher proof. 
        • Includes a removable and washable textile basket for storage or moving of slightly bigger things as standard.
        • Pixel Indoor Rollator is CE-marked and fulfils the requirements of EU directive 93/42 EEC for medical devices.  
        • To check the User Manual, click here


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