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Navigator Air swivel forearm support Outdoor Arthritis Rollator by Rehasense

Navigator Air swivel forearm support Outdoor Arthritis Rollator by Rehasense


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This stylish Outdoor Navigator Air with swivel forearm support/gutter frame rollator is based on an off-road rollator style. It is perfect for users who require the additional support of the forearm rests, either because of a lack of wrist strength or can be used for rehabilitation. It can support bariatric users up to 200 kg.

We recommend talking to a medical professional before purchasing this product.


  • Available in Champagne colour only
  • The manufacturer recommends outdoor use.
    The walker can be used indoors as well.
  • Safety: All 4 wheels have to touch the surface at all times
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Swivel/Rotating Forearm supports with brake handles are multi-adjustable (depth, height and angle)
  • Soft and comfortable forearm supports
  • Reliable and easy-to-use handbrake with a locking function
  • Practical removable textile shopping bag
  • Safety reflectors on the side and reflective seams on the shopping bag
  • Step pedal to help climb kerbs
  • TPE-covered or Soft-PU unbreakable wheels
  • Warranty: 5 years limited
  • See more details in the User Manual


  • See the component infographic here
  • Recommended user height: 140-185 cm
  • Product weight: 12 kg
  • Max. load capacity: 200 kg
  • Seat height: 62 cm
  • Seat width: 53 cm
  • Seat depth: 18 cm
  • Unfolded measurements: 77 cm L x 71 cm W x 96-120 cm H
  • Folded measurements: 77 cm L x 31 cm W x 99 cm H
  • Height adjustable forearm supports: 87-110 cm
  • Forearm Rotating degrees: 22.5 degrees or 45 degrees inward
  • Distance between forearm pads: 40 cm (centre to centre)
  • Distance between handgrips: 56 cm (straight position)
  • Side frame tube diameter: 5 x 2.5 cm triangular
  • Forearm Inner tube diameter: 4 x 1.6 cm triangular
  • Turning Radius 96 cm
  • Types of wheels: Soft PU unbreakable
  • Wheel size:
    Front - 28.5 cm Dia x 4.5 cm thick (11.22 inches)
    Rear - 23.5 cm Dia x 4.5 cm thick (10 inches)
  • Bag weight: 0.4 kg
  • Bag capacity: 5 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years limited

    The Navigator Air only comes with SOFT PU (Comfort) wheels.

    • TPE wheels (Thermoplastic Elastomers): TPE is durable, a standard issue with Rehasense Walkers, and requires less pressure to apply the brakes.
      Sever Rollator | Walkers and Rollators | Mobility | Radius Shop | NZ
      • Soft PU tyres: Increase comfort for the user by absorbing the resistance to rolling caused by small stones, making it easier to push.
      Sever Comfort Rollator | Walkers and Rollators | Mobility | Radius Shop | NZ

        Special notes for Soft PU Wheels:

        • Trade-off: Because of its softer composition, the Parking Brake requires more effort to apply than the Standard Composition.
        • Note – please check the final brake adjustment when receiving the rollator. Brakes can be adjusted easily by:
          • Loosening the Brake Cable Lock Nut with an 8 mm spanner on the Brake Assembly at the rear wheels
          • Adjust the gap between the tyre and the brake bar by turning the Adjustment Nut
          • An approximately 2 mm gap is usually enough to lock the wheel and have a reasonable force to apply the Park Brake Lever. If this is not enough, then close the gap to 1 mm. More force will be required to use the Park Brake.