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light/moderate incontinence

Nateen Mati Plus 500 ml unisex disposable bed protectors 60x60 cm

Nateen Mati Plus 500 ml unisex disposable bed protectors 60x60 cm


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  • Absorbency level: 500 ml
  • Bed protector size: 60 W x 60 L cm
  • Quantity: 10 per packet
  • Unisex disposable waterproof bed protectors
  • For light to moderate urinary and/or faecal incontinence bed or chair protection
  • The waterproof back sheet protects against leaks
  • Placed above the bottom sheet or on a chair
  • Absorbs liquid rapidly and aqua-lock completely
  • Easy to use
  • A soft breathable non-woven top sheet keeps the surface dry and clean.
  • Super absorption adopted high qualities of fluff pulp and S.A.P.
  • Can be used with other body-worn incontinence pads, pull-ups/pants and briefs/diaper products
  • Eco-friendly, with 80% biodegradability with a reduced impact on the environment

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