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Viking Maxi shower chair with arms

Viking Maxi shower chair with arms


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This popular chair has been masterfully designed for bariatric or plus-size individuals. Easily customise your seat height and angle with the adjustable features. Built with solid and dependable mild steel and coated with rust-resistant epoxy - this chair is crafted for long-term use and comfort!


  • Dispatch time is 3-5 working days, plus delivery time
  • Made from epoxy-coated mild steel
  • Pre-treated for rust protection


  • Max. user weight: 200kg
  • Width inside arms: 50cm
  • Seat dimensions: 44Wx40D cm
  • Seat height: min. 40cm | max. 55cm
  • Adjustable angle
  • Width: 63cm
  • Depth: 58cm 



The adjustable legs enable users to alter the height and seat angle to suit their needs.
Push the button and slide the external leg piece up or down to the appropriate hole to adjust the leg length. To select the required height, ensure the bottom protrudes by 2.5mm to 3mm on the 3 similar legs. The fourth leg has extra holes that can be adjusted to help stabilise the shower stool if the floor is uneven. 


To sit on the chair, move backwards until you can feel the seat behind your legs, and place each hand on the armrest (if applicable). Support your body and prevent the chair from slipping away. Then lower yourself down.

When getting off the chair, move your bottom to the front edge of the seat, ensuring your feet are firmly placed on the floor. Use the armrests to push yourself into a standing position, leading with your head and shoulders.


  • Stay within the safe working load.
  • Ensure that the chair is stable on the floor and cannot slide.
  • Inspect at regular intervals for wear and damage. Remove from use immediately if faults are found.
  • Under no circumstances should the product be moved whilst occupied.
  • Supervision or assistance when using the shower chair is recommended for users with limited mobility.
  • The product is suitable for showers, bathrooms or wet areas
  • The shower stool is not ideal for swimming pool use due to the corrosive nature of chlorine
  • Use the shower chair only for the purpose it is intended for. 


  • Dry down after using.
  • Clean and disinfect using regular household cleaning products.
  • DO NOT use abrasive powders or scouring pads to avoid causing corrosion.
  • Remove the equipment from use immediately if it appears damaged, corroded or rusted.

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