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Heavy Duty Rollator

The Heavy Duty version of the Server Rollator range. Weighing less than 8 kg, the Server HD re-enforced, the extra-wide frame can carry 200 kg.


  • Foldable: The Server HD easily and stays that way with the locking system that doubles up as an ergonomically shaped carrying handle.
  • Steady and durable: Frame and seat are tested and approved for a maximum user weight of 200 kg. The brake mechanism is light yet positive. TPE-covered, unbreakable wheels.
  • Sizes: The Server HD is available in sizes Large and Medium
    Seat heights: Large/62 cm, Medium/55 cm.
    All sizes have a seat width of 55 cm. (Now, only available in Large size and Sober-Grey colour)
    • Height adjustable: Server HD push handles are height adjustable with 10 positions, from 74 cm to 102 cm. The seat height is 62 cm with an extra wide 55 cm seat base. User comfort is ensured with an optimal frame design and ergonomic push handles.
    • Hand grips: Ergonomic shaped hand grips adjustable to the position of the hand. Smooth operating hand brakes.
    • Frame material: Aluminium



    You can choose the type of wheels for your Rollator:

    • TPE wheels (Thermoplastic Elastomers): TPE has excellent traction and brake performance, which means that we only need light pressure for the brakes to work. Or you can upgrade your Rollator with soft PU wheels.
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        • Soft PU tyres: for great comfort on uneven ground.
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          Benefits of the Soft PU WHeels:

          • The soft composition of the tyres absorbs the resistance to rolling caused by small stones, making it easier to push,
          • Trade-off – Because of the softer composition, the Parking Brake requires more effort to apply than for the Standard Composition.
          • Note – please check the final brake adjustment when receiving the rollator. This can be adjusted easily by:
            • loosening the Brake Cable Lock Nut with an 8 mm spanner on the Brake Assembly at the rear wheels
            • adjust the gap between the tyre and the brake bar by turning the Adjustment Nut
            • approximately 2 mm gap is usually enough to lock the wheel and have a reasonable force to apply the Park Brake Lever. If this is not enough, then close the gap to 1 mm. More force will be required to apply the Park Brake.

          To check the User Manual, click here

              Server Heavy Duty Rollator

              Spec/ Size Large
              Approx. Weight 7.9kg
              Type of Wheels TPE or Soft PU
              Wheels Size (diameter x width) 20 x 3.5 cm
              Seat height 62cm
              Seat width 55cm
              Max. load: 200Kg
              Body Height (guideline only) 160-200cm
              Total width 69cm
              Total length 66cm
              Handles height 74-102cm
              Handles  positions 10 steps
              Basket max. load 5kg

                • Warranty: 5-years limited
                • For outdoor and indoor use
                • Inclusive crutch holder and back support
                • Step pedal and safety reflectors all around
                • Practical removable textile shopping bag (5 kg max load)
                • Server HD is CE-marked and fulfils the requirements of EU directive 93/42 EEC for medical devices.  
                • To check the User Manual, click here


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