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The Elephant Feet are a stable and secure way of raising chairs and beds.

They are available in sets of two or four pieces and can rise furniture by 9 cm or 14 cm.

The recess in the top allows the castor or leg to be securely raised, lessening the distance of movement from standing to a favourite chair, or a bed.

Watch this video and check how easy, secure and practical this device can be!

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  • The diameter of recess: 9 cm (space to fit the leg)
  • Options of raising the furniture by 9cm or 14cm
  • Max. user weight each foot: 100kg*
  • Set of 4 pieces
  • Non-slip inserts ensure secure fitting
  • Very good for multi-leg beds
  • Maximum load: 380kg
  1. Ensure the non-slip pads are in place on the top of the Elephant Feet.
  2. Place two Elephant Feet close to the existing feet of the piece of furniture.
  3. Carefully lift on to the Elephant Feet. Be careful not to strain yourself when lifting.
  4. Repeat at the other side of the piece of furniture.
  5. Ensure that each leg is centred on the Elephant Feet. Test for stability.
  6. If the furniture is moved, ensure that it is secure by repeating the above instructions.