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Digital calendar clock

Digital calendar clock


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With a large screen and easy-to-read words and numbers, the digital calendar clock is ideal for those with impaired sight as well as anyone living with dementia.

People with dementia will often lose track of time and can be unclear on the date or day of the week. Being able to quickly and easily identify the day of the week, month and time can be extremely comforting and grounding and bring their focus back to the present time.

Specs & Features

  • 8-inch, easy-to-read, digital clock with 12 or 24-hour modes
  • Size: 21.7cm wide x 17.3cm high x 2.5cm deep
  • Alarm and reminder function:
    - 5 groups of alarm clock settings
    - 3 groups of medication reminder settings
  • While the clock is powered by mains and works when connected to the supplied power adaptor, the internal CR battery will keep the time running during a power outage.
  • The clock does not auto-adjust daylight saving time or leap year, this has to be done manually.
  • Power Adaptor: 100-240V AC
    Cable length: 1.2 metres from device to wall
  • Requires just a quick glance for the Day, Time and Date
  • Ability to be a wall hanging or self-standing for use in almost any environment, home or office
  • It does not include any other features that could confuse, or distract from its purpose
  • Medication reminder feature
  • The clock shows the time of day, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night
  • Automated night dimmer
  • Silent in operation
  • Powered by cable (not battery-operated)

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