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Coopers Comfy Elbow Crutches


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Don’t let an injury slow you down. This pair of extremely lightweight, strong crutches can easily be set to the most comfortable height position for you or a loved one. The comfy grip handle distributes your weight effectively, spreading the pressure on the hand evenly to give
maximum comfort during use.



  • Adult double-adjustable
  • Max. user weight: 127 kg (20 stone)
  • Patented Comfy Handgrip
  • Armband to hand-grip: 203mm-280mm
  • Hand-grip to ground (in 25mm steps): 686mm-940mm
  • 22mm tip
  • Weight: 1.4kg/pair
  • Inside cuff circumference: 280mm
  • Can be sold in pairs or only on one hand side