Tips to safe proof a home for the elderly

Have a list of contact numbers 

Being elderly can sometimes mean remembering phone numbers is harder than usual. Having large phone numbers on a board where they can immediately refer to in order to contact yourself or the emergency services if need be.

  • Your phone number
  • The emergency services 
  • Family members
  • Doctors 
  • Poison control 

Eliminate potential fire hazards 

Remove any open flame heaters or candles. This will reduce the risk of them being left unattended and potentially causing a fire. 

Check for any overloaded power points examples of this include having one plug socket attached to the toaster, fridge, microwave and jug. 

Install a fire alarm this is the only warning system most people have when they are sleeping. In some cases elderly have impaired hearing so this will provide a loud warning so that they can exit the building worst case scenario. 

Reduce trip and fall hazards

Look for any plugs that are crossing any doorways as they could catch and trip on these you could use tape to fasten them to the floor or around the trimming of the door if you cant remove them. 

Install grab bars in the bathroom and outside where applicable. This will provide support to your loved one when bending or heading up stairs/slopes.

Install non-slip pads around the house especially in the bathroom. This will help reduce the risk of having an accident on a wet floor or mossy floor.

Burglar proof your home 

  • Install reliable locks on all windows and doors. 
  • Install security lights 
  • Get to know your neighbors so they can keep an eye on your house too vice versa 
  • Install security cameras 

Remember to contact a professional for any questions about keeping your loved one safe at home if you think you are short of something!