How to choose the right electric recliner lift chair for you

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There are a significant number of electric lift recliners on the market, and you can expect to pay $1000 plus for an entry-level chair that has the most basic features. They are considered expensive to some but are essential for someone experiencing challenges when exiting or exiting a chair.

Below we have made this easy to use buyer's guide on things to look out for so you have peace of mind and a sense of direction when looking at one!

What is a lift chair?

Electric lift chairs support the user by lifting and reclining, making it easier for the user to enter and exit the chair. Eliminating the need to roll or throw your body out of the chair, which can result in injuries or sprains.

What are lift chairs used for?

You know what a lift chair is, but what are they used for?

They are mainly used for improving mobility for users.

  • Reducing aches and strains.
  • Great for reducing the likelihood of a fall occurring.
  • Improving mobility 
  • Recovering from injuries 
  • Reducing swelling in legs 

What to consider before buying one.

You know you need one, but what do you need to consider before buying one so you do not make an expensive mistake?

Chair sizing

Lift chairs come in different sizes and it's important you get the right sizing or you will not be maximising your comfort levels.


There are two main types of lift chairs, single and dual motor you will generally pay more for a dual motor than a single. Single motors have less function capabilities than a dual motor.

Comfort requirements 

Generally the more you pay the better the comfort features on the chair for example the padding or extra functions.

Ease of cleaning

Lift chairs are made from different kinds of fabrics for example suede or leather they can also have detachable arm rests and back rests which can make cleaning easier. 

Types of lift chairs.

You know what to consider, now which type of lift chair suits your needs?

Both single motor and dual motor variations look similar however their internal mechanical components and button set up is different.

Single motor

  • Single motor controls the chair
  • Backrest, foot rest and rising function operate off a single function controller
  • Simplistic controller 
  • Economical pricing 

Dual motor

  • Two motors control the chair 
  • More flexibility with seating positions on remote
  • Back rest is controlled by one motor, riser and foot rest are controlled by the other. 
  • Increased comfort

How to use a lift chair.

Please note this is a single motor example.

How to maintain your lift chair.

  • Once a month wipe down your chair with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust building up.
  • Check wires for fraying or damage
  • Keep any liquid off of motors  
  • Place out of direct sunlight 
  • Quickly remove any liquid from padding 

Please note that if you do not keep your lift chair in the correct working condition you may not be able to get up out of your chair if something stops working. 

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