Top 5 Kitchen Aids that will make life easier!

Ahhhh the kitchen, it's where all the magic happens! Where we make beautiful creations that put smiles on the faces of family and friends! Make creating even easier by picking yourself up a new kitchen aid!

Below you will find six of the best kitchen aids on the market right now that will help make kitchen life easier. 

Pot/Pan Holder

 Pot/Pan Holder | Dining | Radius Shop | NZ


A great addition to a kitchen who has plenty of pots and pans. Provides safe and easy storage for your pots and pans. Available here.

Kettle Pourer Cradle 

Kettle Pourer | Dining | Radius Shop | NZ


Provides stability when pouring, reducing spills and enabling a fuller coffee/tea cup. You will love this new addition as it reduces clean up time from those annoying spills!  Available here 

Bottle Opener/Jar Opener 

 Bottle Opener | Dining | Radius Shop | NZ

Reduces strain on wrists when trying to open a bottle. Available here 

Bendable Spoon

Bendable Spoon | Dining | Radius Shop | NZ

Easy to hold and adjust to suit the users preference making eating for the user more easier.  Available here.

Rocker Knife

Rocker Knife | Dining | Radius Shop | NZ

Designed for those who have arthritis or are experiencing reduced amounts of strength. Great as they cut with minimal effort in a rocking motion while still providing maximum control. Available here


*This guide is not to be used as medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional before purchasing products from our store.


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