Buyer's Guide to Preventing Falls Around Home

Unfortunately, falls are one of the most significant health risks facing older adults, as they can not only cause physical harm but also diminish the individual's confidence and overall well-being, potentially leading to more serious health issues.

Falls are often caused by multiple factors, such as:

  • Medications that can lower blood pressure
  • General aches and pains, particularly around knees and hips, and osteoporosis in women
  • Poor eyesight
  • Dementia and poor cognitive and functional recognition
  • Mini strokes can affect balance and other skills
  • Underlying health conditions, including dizziness, vertigo, and fainting
  • Dehydration: older people do not get as thirsty and sometimes medication can cause additional fluid loss
  • Misplaced confidence in furniture such as beds, which with their often soft edges can promote falls
  • Indoor hazards: elderly folk living alone at home often have furniture and other potentially dangerous fall enablers, such as rugs and ornaments
  • Outdoor hazards, like a rocky path to the clothesline, or moss on a path

Products that can reduce the risk of falls

Whether living at a rest home, in assisted living, or at home, some products can significantly help minimise the risk of falls for the elderly.

We have put together some simple products that can make a huge difference in your safety and quality of life.



Suction grab rails use air pressure to fit onto smooth, nonporous surfaces. The mobile handles are quickly and easily attached, not requiring screws, tools, or professional help to install. They can be fixed to glass, tiles, and acrylic surfaces, such as in the bathroom, shower, or kitchen.

Installing grab rails around the house can boost confidence and ease recovery for people recovering from injuries or minor surgery. They are particularly great for temporary use and travelling.

The Roth Mobelli Suction Safety Grab Rail is one of the best on the market.

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Hip injuries, resulting from falls, are the leading cause of injury death and the main cause of nonfatal injuries that limit independent living among people 65 years and older. While medications, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs, often increase the risk of falls and fall-related injuries, poor vision, and just difficulty in moving from place to place put the elderly at risk of a fall that may result in a fatal or debilitating hip injury or hip fracture. 

Hip protectors are worn over the hips to lessen the risk of breaking a hip should the wearer fall. They are designed to absorb or distribute the forces which influence the hip, and therefore reduce the risk of a fracture of the femoral collar.

A good hip protection belt should have a shock-absorbing effect on both hips and be designed well for the body. It can be worn above or below clothes, so need to be comfortable to wear, plus easy to put on and remove.

Hip protection saves lives

Research has shown that among walking elderly seniors, the risk of hip fracture can be reduced by as much as 80% if a hip protector is worn at the time of a fall.



An easy and simple way to prevent falls.

This is a must for anyone at any age, who is feeling a little shaky on their feet. Slipping in the shower or bathtub is one of the most dangerous hazards seniors face in the bathroom, as both surfaces are often nonporous, slippery, and hard. Rubber bath mats with non-slip tread surfaces and suction-cupped bottoms can help users maintain stability.

Having the best anti-slip mats for seniors and elderly people in homes is very important as bathrooms are famous for being the most unsafe place in the whole house.

Mostly, fall-related accidents are caused by slipping in the bathroom. However, this can be reduced significantly by having a proper anti-slip shower mat in the bathroom for seniors and the elderly.

Have you ever encountered a slip in the bathroom? It is not dependent on the age of an individual. It is a matter of frustration when your feet slip from under you. This can be avoided to place the best non-slip mat in front of the shower or tub.

You may be wondering how to ensure maximum safety during bathing if you are in an elderly household or if there is some elder relative.

Here’s our choice for a simple, affordable non-slip shower mat. READ MORE


The right walking frame can open up a senior person’s world while keeping them safe. These mobility aids provide additional support and balance for older adults going about their day. Strollers can help a person walk further, for longer, and keep doing the things they love.

Walking frames come in a variety of designs for a variety of needs. Some are fixed while others are folding and adjustable, some have wheels, and others have seats. Many of the excellent ones are lightweight and easily transportable while being able to support even heavier users. Click here to find out about the differences between the Walking Aids available.

Walking frames and wheeled walkers offer different levels of support and mobility to people who have varying needs. If you need help staying upright when walking around then a walking frame would be a good option; but if you’re steadier on your feet and want something that will help you carry your shopping around town, then a wheeled walker is the better option. READ MORE



For extra support and great balance.

Quad walking sticks increase stability when needed with four feet that provide better balance than the traditional single-footed walking stick. They are particularly useful for seniors who are relatively mobile but can benefit from a bit of added support. A quad walking stick, AKA quad cane, is similar to a standard walking stick but with a wide or narrow base to improve stability. Designs with a lower and smaller base allow users to navigate even tight spaces with ease while providing extra stability and versatility. A large quad-base walking stick can be heavier and it might be more difficult to manoeuvre. A smaller base quad walking stick provides less support than a large quad base walking stick but it is easier to lift and manoeuvre while walking.

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