5 Tips to Get Better Sleep for the Elderly

5 Tips to Get Better Sleep for the Elderly

Sleep Easy

Your age might be catching up with you but it’s never too late to catch up on sleep. Here’s five top tips from sleep experts on how to make it all sweet dreams from here.

Tip #1: Soak up some sunshine

Sleep specialist Brandon Peters recommends between 30 and 45 minutes of direct sunlight every day. Peters calls this process ‘Morning Light Therapy’, as it is most effective within an hour of waking. Whether enjoying a morning walk or sipping a coffee on the deck, exposure to sunshine will boost serotonin levels and vitamin D for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Tip #2: Enjoy some gentle exercise

From relaxing swims to slow walks, any type of exercise will release sleep-inducing chemicals into your body. A study at Northwestern University shows that exercise can be one of the most important factors in improving your quality of sleep. And don’t worry if you struggle with mobility issues – even slow stretches will do the trick.   

Tip #3: Invest in a memory foam pillow

A 2020 survey shows that memory foam pillows encourage maximum comfort and support to produce a better sleep. Memory foam helps your body relax and settle into the best possible sleep position for your spine. Check out Radius Care’s Store to view a fantastic range of comfy memory foam pillows.

Tip #4: Check that pills are not ruining your sleep

Certain drugs and their side-effects may wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. Check with your doctor that your current prescriptions are not disturbing your good night’s rest.

Tip #5: Make slumber pain-less

Danielle Pacheco from the Sleep Foundation found that pain is a common obstruction to sleep among the elderly. Look into sleep products that can help increase comfort and decrease pain when sleeping, such as a bed wedge cushion that helps with circulation and alleviates pain.      

*This guide is opinion based and should not to be used as medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional before purchasing products from our store as they know best.


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