5 Father's Day Gift Ideas - 2022

The 4th of September is fast approaching. Father's day has almost arrived and it's caught you by surprise. That's okay because we have complied five gift ideas that will be guaranteed to put a smile on his face this coming Father's day.  

Below you will find five father's day gift ideas, you can thank us later!


1. Monarch Power Lift Recliner

Does Dad complain about how getting in and out of his favourite chair is beginning to strain his back? Or maybe he is just in need of a new recliner chair to call home for the up-and-coming All Blacks Rugby Games?

Monarch Power Lift Recliners are super comfortable, easy to use, look high-end, and help reduce strain on their back when entering or exiting the chair, all at the click of a button.

Learn more about the most affordable lift chair in New Zealand here.


2. Carbon Fibre Rollator byACRE

Does your dad need a little assistance when walking medium to long distances?

The byACRE Carbon Fibre Rollator can provide extra stability and a place to rest on the go. It looks modern and is the world's lightest walker, weighing only 4.8kgs, making it easy to store away when packing into their car.

Learn more about the world's lightest walker here.

3. Mobilis T Handle Walking Stick

If your dad's old walking stick needs an upgrade or they need a spare, the Mobilis T Handle Walking Stick is a customer favourite. It is adjustable, made from lightweight aluminium and has a comfortable handle for use for extended periods.

Learn more about our most popular walking stick by clicking here.

4. Essentials Helping Hand

Is your dad complaining about back pain when grabbing things off the ground? The Essentials Helping Hand can help take the strain off his back. It has an easy-to-pull trigger, long reach 66cm shaft and is lightweight for ease of use.

Learn more about these very affordable Essentials Helping Hand by clicking here.


5. IMAK® Arthritis Gloves

Does your dad suffer from joint aches, pain, or stiffness in his hands? The IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves provide mild compression, warmth and support to the joints to help increase circulation, which reduces aches, pain or stiffness associated with arthritis.

Learn more about these Arthritis Gloves by clicking here.

Don't see something your dad would find helpful on our list? Give our friendly team a call on the number below. We can find a gift to help make this year's Father's Day special!

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*This guide is opinion based and should not to be used as medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional before purchasing products from our store as they know best.

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