Memory Foam Contoured Neck Pillow

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The Icare Memory Foam (Visco) Contoured neck pillow is made up of a high-density viscoelastic core in a contoured pillow shape and a soft puff quilt style cotton cover.

This pillow is recommended for back and neck pain sufferers.

  • High side for back and side sleepers and low side for front sleepers
  • Pressure and heat sensitive core


    • Contoured shape to support neck & shoulders
    • Breathable under fabric to increase airflow
    • Pressure and heat-sensitive


    • Width: 40 cm
    • Length: 60 cm
    • Height: 9-11 cm


     *Please take care that you order the correct type of cushion as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of this product once packaging has been opened for sanitary reasons.