Nateen Easy-8 Soft | Unisex Pads | 1100ml capacity


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Soft, breathable and convenient to use the EASY-8 SOFT insert pads from Nateen incorporate a super absorbent powder designed for fast absorption and dryness, offering a high-quality pad with a multi-layer absorption core.

Anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad, minimising the risk of side leakage allowing the product to be won with real confidence, helping to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Suitable for people suffering from a moderate level of incontinence and universal in size, EASY-8 SOFT offers protection up to absorbency level up to 1100ml.


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  • Absorbency: 1100ml
  • Pad Size: 34 x 66cm
  • Sold in packs of 10

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Soft and breathable

Shaped Pads for reliable and economical protection for both men and women available in different capacities.

Ultra Dry Top Layer

Keeps the skin soft and dry with super absorbent gel for fast absorption as well as odour control with specially designed side cuffs to prevent leakage.

Easy to use

Shaped pads that fit inside your own underwear although best used with fixation underwear. The wetness indicator shows you when to change pads.