Bort Comfort Therapeutic Shoes


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The Comfort Therapeutic Shoes is really warm and soft being a perfect choice for the elderly to walk around in the day to day activities. Secure hold and comfort for sensitive feet. Easy to put on as it can be completely opened, including zipper at the heel. Extra-wide fit at the forefoot and toe area. The width can be individually adjusted using velcro closure.

These shoes are indicated for post-operative and other wounds, even when treated with extensive and possibly padded bandaging, where the healing process takes place over an extended period of time and weight can be placed partially on the foot whilst walking, even outdoors. An additional insole is not required.

Please read the instructions to ensure that wearing this shoe is as comfortable as possible for you.

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     Product Benefits

    • Orthopaedic shoe
    • Extra-wide fit at the forefoot and toe area
    • Zipper at the heel
    • Flexible, anti-slip sole
    The Medical Benefits
    • Secure hold and comfort for sensitive feet
    • Width can be individually adjusted thanks to Velcro fastening
    • Can be fully opened, comfortable walking


    Important: Make sure to use the heel zipper to put on and remove the shoe! The surgical shoe’s Velcro straps serve only to regulate the width and fit.

    Protect the open foot wound by means of a bandage or similar product. If appropriate, make sure to use crutches when wearing the Comfort Therapeutic Shoes.

    1. Open the Velcro straps and the heel zipper before inserting your foot into the shoe.
    2. Close the heel zipper and then the strap over the mid-foot.
    3. Position the centre front strap in the middle and fasten it on both sides.


    Please note:

    • No re-utilisation – this medical device is meant for the care of one patient only.
    • Avoid restricting the circulation of the blood.
    • Check your foot for pressure points several times a day in order to prevent injuries to the skin.


    • Sole: 100 % EVA
    • Upper: 50 % PUR, 35 % polyester, 15 % polyamide
    • Knit loop / Velcro straps: 100 % polyamide
    • Colour: Black

        EUR Size UK Size Toe to Heel (inside) Widest part inside front of the foot (left to right) Width of the heel inside (left to right)
        38 4.5 24 cm 8.5 cm 6.1 cm
        39 5.5 25.1 cm  8.9 cm  6.5 cm 
        40 6 25.5 cm  9 cm  6.7 cm 
        41 7 26.5 cm  9.1 cm  6.9 cm 
        42 7.5 26.8 cm  9.2 cm  7 cm 
        43 8.5 27.2 cm  9.3 cm  7.1 cm 
        44 9 28 cm 9.5 cm   7.2 cm 
        45 10 28.5 cm 9.6 cm 7.3 cm
        46 11 29 cm 10 cm  7.5 cm