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Hospital-grade surface disinfectant. 70% v/v Ethanol. MPI approved C43

The Arandell Surface Sanitiser is a powerful and versatile disinfectant. It's a hospital grade product suitable for hard and soft surfaces, leaving them hygienically cleaned and conditioned. It is safe for use in food processing areas.

It kills common germs, viruses and fungi. It is safe for soft furnishings such as mattresses and carpets. It can also be used on equipment and machinery; high touchpoints like handles, rails and lifts. Also suitable for areas conducive to mould and mildew such as storerooms, wet areas, sinks and bins.


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  • Hospital-grade – 70% ethanol

  • Leaves surface hygienically clean and conditioned

  • Disinfects hard surfaces and high touchpoints

  • Fragrances free formulation

  • Economical large-format 500ml can

  • Effective against a wide range of pathogens

  • Contains a unique, food-safe conditioning treatment to further protect surfaces helping to minimise the build-up of dust, dirt and debris

  • Excellent for use on hard to reach areas

  • Also suitable for use on soft materials (always patch test)


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  •  Bed frames, door handles, lifts, handrails, furniture and alike

  •  Safe for use in food processing areas

  •  No-rinse sanitiser in fish processing areas. Rinse food contact surfaces with drinkable water

  •  Equipment, machinery chutes, and bins.

  •  All areas that require disinfection

  •  Apply regularly to disinfect surfaces between cleaning sessions

  •  MPI C43 approved (all animal products including dairy)

  •  MPI approved dairy maintenance compound

  •  AsureQuality Food/Beverage/Dairy approved