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Seat sizes 39cm and 49 cm available now

Enjoy Radius Shop's electrically reclining manual/self-propelled wheelchair!

The wheelchair SIGNATURE, thanks to its multi-adjustments, suits each body shape. The Signature is covered by padding in order to absorb the shocks and injury risks. The chair’s propulsion is easy to be moved around thanks to the central position of big wheels, the 6-wheels frame with shock absorbers allows for a perfect bearing of direction, great manoeuvrability (compass effect).

The reclining backrest, seat and footrest are electrically adjustable. The wheelchair is manual and has to be pushed by another person, or by the occupant to move.

The backrest, the seat, the headrest and the armrest are fitted with soft comfort padding, removable, easy to replace and washable 30°. The padding, fitted with 7 separately components for 4 wheelchair’s Design. 

There is also an option of getting an extra Visco Cushion for the seat (sold as an accessory upon request).

The electric wheelchair SIGNATURE allows the user to keep their autonomy thanks to its remote control (white button: Forward / green button: Backward).

For more information, please refer to the USER GUIDE 


Recliner Chair | Made in France | Radius Shop | NZ Made in France


  • Compartmentalized cover with silicone hollow fibres
  • Seat and backrest inclination by electric cylinder
  • Lightening pressure points
  • Lap-belt
  • Machine washable and/or replaceable duvet modules
  • Easy and efficient propulsion, even in an inclined position
  • 12 cm front and 12 cm rear wheels with brakes
  • Remarkably stable, even when tilting at 35 °
  • Doorsteps to 120mm high traversable
  • Electric recline and leg raiser
  • Manual wheelchair propulsion by occupant or carer
  • Maximum weight 140kg
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Frame weight: 55 kg


  •  Seat dimensions:
  • - 39 cm W x 44 cm D, or
    - 44 cm W x 49 cm D, or
    - 49 cm W x 54 cm D
  • Overall width: (seat width +24 cm)
    - 63 cm, or
    - 68 cm, or
    - 73 cm
  • Seat height 49 cm
  • Backrest height: 66 cm
  • Seat reclining: 0° to 20°
  • Backrest reclining: 89° to 130°
  • Leg rest length: 34 to 40 cm
  • Footrest: Adjustable in width and depth
  • Footplate: Adjustable in the corner, height and depth
  • The backrest folds forward for transport;
  • For transport in a vehicle, the size is: 700 mm H x 730 mm W x 900 mm D
  • Height armrest: 18 to 22 cm without armrest padding / 22 to 28 cm with armrest padding
  • Battery Specifications:

    • Okin 1800 mAh battery
    • Output 25.2 V max 5A
    • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
    • 8-hours full charging time approximately
    • Comes with a charger cord that plugs into a standard electric outlet


Recliner Chair | Made in France | Radius Shop | NZ Made in France

The accessories listed below are not included with the chair, but they can be purchased upon request:

  • Left and/or Right Adjustable trunk settings
  • Slide tray
  • Lap tray
  • Visco Cushion



Recliner Chair | Made in France | Radius Shop | NZ Made in France