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The Abri-San range offers unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthwise barriers. The Top Dry system allows the user to feel dry and comfortable, while letting the skin breathe.

The Abri-San 5 has a capacity of 1200ml. It can be secured to underwear with the adhesive strip and all Abri-San are best worn with our Abri-Fix Pants Super, for superior fixation.


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Unisex Pads | Abri-San Premium 5
Packet Size: 36 pads
Capacity: 1200 ml
Pad Size: 28 x 54 cm

    Also available in different sizes: 

    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 1A | 200ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 2 | 350ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 3 | 500ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 4 | 800ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 5 | 1200ml
    Unisex Pads | Abri-San 6 | 1600ml

    Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ


    Pads Features | Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ

    • Anatomically shaped to contour the body
    • Unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthwise barriers
    • Top Dry skin contact layer and 100% Air Breathable
    • Special Super absorber
    • For lighter incontinence Abri-San 1 to 4 have an adhesive strip to secure to underwear
    • The pads are easy to carry around discreetly and are hygienically individually wrapped
    •  Awarded the Swan Eco label




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