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Active Hip Protector | SAFEHIP

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SAFEHIP are one of the world’s leading hip protectors, their products have been tested on more than 7000 individuals and are clinically proven.

SAFEHIP hip protectors are based on impact energy dispersion and impact energy absorption. In the event of a fall on the hip, the SAFEHIP hip protector disperses the energy of the impact away from the greater trochanter (hip bone). This means that the energy from the fall is absorbed by the soft tissue and the muscles around the femoral neck, thereby reducing the risk of a hip fracture.

SAFEHIP Active is a belt with Velcro and sewn-in hip protectors on either side. This is ideal for those who are prone to falls, yet still wanting to lead an active and independent life. The SAFEHIP Active can be worn under or over clothing and can be easily removed or applied when performing household tasks.


Please take care that you order the correct size; we are unable to accept returns of this product once packaging has been opened.


Hip Size:

95 - 105cm


Hip Size:

105 - 115cm

Extra Large

Hip Size: 1

115 - 125cm


  • This lightweight hip protector is designed to conform to the body for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Cool to wear, belt made of breathable fabric (AirX) 
  • Shields made of soft PE foam – the horseshoe design of the shield offers optimal protection 
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Unisex
  • Available in black


*This product is available on request and might take a few days more to be delivered than our standard time frame.