Nateen Booster Pads | Size: Small | 500ml capacity

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  • For use as a safe replacement to double padding
  • Not to be used on its own

Generally, double padding is not recommended as the water-proof backing prevents urine flowing from one product to the other. It is also not a comfortable option for the wearer.

The Nateen booster pads have been designed for this purpose, increasing the absorbency of a product without the risk of leakage or discomfort. 

These products do not have a water-proof backing, which allows urine to flow through to the main pad below. 


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Also available in a different size and absorbency capacity

Nateen Booster Pads | Size: Large | 1000ml capacity

  • Absorbency: 500mls
  • Pad Size: 12 x 39cm
  • Sold in packs of 36

*Not to be used on its own

*Bulk purchase discounts available.