Mckenzie Signature Rolls

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All Signature Range lumbar rolls are made with superior injected moulded foam which retains its supportive qualities for an almost indefinite period.

They are crafted from the finest-materials, featuring a warm and luxurious suede-type fabric cover, complete with embroidery detail and removable, adjustable straps.

Back problems can develop from a slouched sitting posture. This lumbar support improves posture and ensures correct and natural positioning of the lower spine whilst sitting.

Research has shown that proper, regular use of the Original McKenzie® Lumbar Supports will help you eliminate most of the common back and related pains that develop as a result of postural stress.

Proudly New Zealand made, designed with your comfort in mind, for use at home, in the car, or the office. Available in three different sizes.

IMPORTANT: due to hygiene reasons, used rolls are non-returnable.

The Mckenzie Signature Rolls are available in three different sizes/shapes:

  • Signature Range Slimline Roll

The Signature Range Slimline Roll provides a firm support and is suitable for all body types. It is a popular choice for office workers or for those using dining chairs whilst working from home.

MEASUREMENTS: 330mm (length) x 160mm (height) x 50mm (depth)

  • Signature Range Super Roll

The Signature Range Super Roll is our firmest lumbar support, suitable for all body types and is ideally sized for modern car seating.  It is also very popular amongst office and home workers alike, for use with office or dining chairs. 

MEASUREMENTS: 310mm (length) x 130mm (height) x 50mm (depth)

  • Signature Range Round Roll

The Signature Range Round Roll provides a firm lumbar support particularly suited to larger framed people, or for those with a pronounced lumbar lordosis (hollow in the low back).  It provides essential support especially when sitting on softer furnishings like a sofa or armchair, where often there is minimal built-in back support.  They are also great to support you whilst sitting in bed.

MEASUREMENTS: 280mm (length) x 120mm (diameter)