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HY5 Multi-functional Chair <br> 5 Functions = 1 Product

HY5 Multi-functional Chair
5 Functions = 1 Product

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Special Radius Shop Pack:

HY5 + 2 extra wheels (4 in total) + Carry Bag 

One product offering multiple uses

HY5 is a unique NEW product helping individuals remain independent and safe at home. As we age, we need help with basic tasks. HY5 is the only device that offers the all-in-one functionality that you need.


  • Use your HY5 to walk, with or without the leisure seat cushion.
  • Fully height adjustable seat height and handle height (for armrest or walking handle height).
  • Hand brakes for walking and seat-level brakes for when seated.
  • Backrest and carry tray.
  • Standard 2-wheels and 2 skid-feet or optional rear wheels (accessory).
  • Handles fold away to the side allowing an easy side transfer from your leisure chair.
  • Confidently use your HY5 walker out and about with the commode hidden from view.

Shower Chair

  • Take your HY5 walker into the shower, can be used for sitting and standing.
  • Made from hardened aluminium, stainless steel or plastic so will not rust.
  • HY5 also converts into an “attendant use” shower – toilet – transfer chair as the push handles rotate 180 degrees allowing your caregiver to use HY5 as a lightweight and convenient aid.

Portable Travel Chair

  • HY5 walker easily folds down, no tools required, to fit into its convenient lightweight travel bag (accessory) weighing just 8kg (18lb).
  • HY5 walker has all 5-functions in one, making it the perfect piece of equipment for travelling.
  • HY5 doubles as an “attendant use” shower – toilet – transfer chair because of the push handles rotate 180 degrees allowing your caregiver to use HY5 as a lightweight and convenient transport aid.

Bedside Commode

  • HY5 walker includes a built-in commode function, hidden from view by our innovative and unique fabric seat cover when the commode is not required.

Toilet Chair/Raised Toilet Seat

  • HY5 walker fits over the toilet & is fully height adjustable to suit the user
  • HY5 walker doubles as a toilet chair and a raised toilet seat.


  • Bag and wheels included
  • Made from hardened aluminium, stainless steel or plastic, your HY5 walker will not corrode or rust.
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel parts
  • Easy clean powder coated finish
  • Commode closure infill
  • Soft waterproof seat cushion
  • Fabric seat cover
  • 265lbs (120kg) weight capacity
  • Easy clip-on/off seat cushion
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Dual side opening swing away arms
  • Back support has a convenient shelf
  • Full locking handbrakes
  • 16.7 inches (425mm) between arms
  • Durable and user-friendly commode bucket comes with a handle and full lid


  • Height: 805mm – 1171mm
  • Width: 617mm
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Weight of unit: 8kg
  • Front-wheel size: 125mm


  • HY5 is not to be used in wheelchair mode over rough surfaces
  • HY5 is not to be used as a walker or rollator for extended periods over rough surfaces
  • HY5 is not for use in or around swimming pools



What functions can I use HY5 walker for?

Hy5 walker is your walker, rollator, your shower or tub chair, your toilet chair or raised seat, your bedside commode and your portable travel chair. In addition to all of these the HY5 walker has foldaway arms for side transfer from the bed or sitting position AND the handles swivel right around to the back so your caregiver can use HY5 walker as a push along with transport/day chair.

Is HY5 walker adjustable?

Yes, HY5 walker has a height-adjustable seat and height-adjustable handles, plus the handles rotate to allow side entry onto HY5 from bed or leisure seating or rotate fully to the rear to allow a carer to push HY5 as a rolling chair.

Can I take HY5 walker away on holiday?

Yes, HY5 walker easily folds up into a compact carry size, fitting inside the carry bag accessory.

If I want to use my HY5 walker as a portable shower chair or leisure chair with 4 wheels pushed by my caregiver, what do I need?

HY5 walker comes standard with 2 wheels and 2 skid feet. You will need the set of 2 accessory wheels (Order code “Rollin-Rollin HY5”). Drop out the skid feet (no tools required) and push in the accessory wheels.

Rotate the push handles 180 degrees (to the rear) and you have easily converted your HY5 walker into an attendant use shower or wheeled chair.
Will HY5 walker corrode or rust if I use it in the shower or outside?

No, HY5 walker is made of hardened high-grade aluminium, stainless steel, brass and plastic.

Does HY5 walker come complete with a commode pail?

Yes, it comes with a commode pail and lid plus an infill cushion for when the commode is not required. The pail has an extended handle to make fitting and removal of the pail easy.

Does HY5 walker fit over the toilet?

Yes, HY5 fits over toilets and can be used as a toilet chair with support for the user from the back-rest and arm-rests allowing easy push-up standing afterwards, or it can be adjusted in height to provide that raised toilet seat, with soft cushion seating.

Can I use HY5 walker standing in the shower?

HY5 walker can be used to assist you in showering in either the seated or standing position. At all times, while showering the lower lockable handbrake must be engaged to prevent movement. Even with this handbrake locked, however, the unit can still move because of water and soap combination on a slippery floor so other precautions must also be taken such as grab bars fixed to the shower walls to use for additional safety and support. Never use HY5 walker in a shower if it is slippery or dangerous to do so.

It looks like HY5 walker has a fabric cover over the seat cushion, what is this for?

Every HY5 walker comes with a fabric seat cover that stretches and fits over the seat cushion. The fabric cover is waterproof but ideally removed prior to showering. The cover hides the commode function and opening/infill cushion and looks just like the seat cushion on a leisure chair.

Does HY5 have a parcel shelf and backrest?

Yes, HY5 walker has a backrest for comfort plus a tray to place items on.

Is HY5 walker easy to clean and maintain?

HY5 walker needs little maintenance but a little care will ensure it lasts a lifetime. Clean with warm water and mild detergent then rinse and dry. The fabric seat cover is machine washable. 

Can I remove the cushion?

Yes, the cushion is clipped onto the frame and is easy to lift off for folding HY5 walker down to travel or store away.

Is the cushion soft and what is it made of?

HY5 cushion is lovely and soft, yet firm enough to support where it is required. The cushion is waterproof with a heat-sealed vinyl outer cover and foam interior.

How do the hand brakes work?

The brake system was invented by the team at Showerbuddy. The brakes are unique and wheels are braked by using either the top handle brake lever or the lower brake lever at seat cushion height.

Why is the brake lever at the seat cushion height?

As safety is a priority we added this unique feature available only on HY5 walker. The lower handbrake lever allows you to operate the wheel brakes while sitting in your HY5 walker.

What is the warranty?

2-year warranty on the frame, 6-months on caster wheels, cushion and all other parts from the date of purchase.