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Stabilo Hip Protector Pants


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Hip Protectors absorb or distribute the forces affecting the hip during a fall and therefore reduce the risk of a fracture of the femur collar. The BORT StabiloHip hip protector comprises of two coordinated components, the functional protector panty and the protector set made of special, shock-absorbing foam. In combination, they result in an effective prevention measure and significant reduction of fracture risk in case of a fall.


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  *Please take care that you order the correct type of cushion as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of this product once packaging has been opened for sanitary reasons. 

  • Hip protection pants with shock-absorbing effect
  • Protectors made of soft visco-elastic foam can be removed
  • Highly elastic waistband and leg edge
  • Protectors can be easily removed
  • High-quality functional pants made of cotton and Lycra
  • Provides protection for those who tend to fall for various reasons




The BORT StabiloHip Hip Protector is distinguished by its high wearing comfort and simple handling. The foam protector cushions cling to the body by its three dimensional shaping and the special features of the used material and thus provide an optimal fit. The high elastic band at waist and leg of the protector panty guarantee easy putting-on and off and high compliance. By the integrated pockets of the panty correct positioning of the protector cushions is ensured. For removing the protector cushions turn over the panty, then turn the upper flap of the protector pocket behind the protector cushion and pull the protector cushion out of the lower part of the pocket. For insertion of the protector fold forward the flap and slip the protector with the wide side ahead into the lower part of the pocket and finally put the flap over the narrow end of the foam cushion. Pay attention that the concave side of the protector cushion faces the body.


  • Colour: white
  • Made out of 95 % cotton
  • The option of getting the standard type of the protector set or a waterproof version is also available


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Please take care that you order the correct size; we are unable to accept returns of this product once packaging has been opened.

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