Bort Generation Hip Protector


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Hip protectors absorb or distribute the forces which influence the hip and therefore reduce the risk of a fracture of the femoral collar. The BORT Generation Hip Protector consists of two coordinated components: the functional protector belt and the protector set made of special shock-absorbing foam which protects both hips. Combined, they provide a preventive measure and can considerably reduce the fracture risk in case of a fall.

The BORT Generation Hip Protector is characterised by its easy handling and high comfort to wear. The foam padding cushions huddle against the body with the three-dimensional design and the special properties of the material used and therefore guarantee an optimum fit.

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  • Hip protection belt with a shock-absorbing effect for both hips
  • Protectors made of soft visco-elastic foam can be removed
  • Strap with an anatomically designed cut can be fully opened
  • Easy to put on/remove thanks to Velcro fastening
  • Wide frontal grip straps
  • Safe handling and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for temporary use during phases of activity
  • Attractive, functional design
  • Provides protection for those who tend to fall for various reasons

The BORT Generation Hip Protector can be worn above and below clothes. Before putting it on, open the Velcro fastening at the front and guide the belt, if possible using the hand straps, from the rear around the pelvis with a slight tension. Close the Velcro fastening and then check the correct positioning of the protector cushions in the side area of the trochanter major. 

Generation Hip Protector | BORT | Rehab & Protection | Radius Shop | NZ

For convenience, the BORT Generation Hip Protector can be pulled upwards when closed and going to the toilet and then back to the correct position when ready.

Generation Hip Protector | BORT | Rehab & Protection | Radius Shop | NZ

No re-utilisation – this medical device is meant for the care of one patient only. Wear splint only when under strain, not during rest or sleep. Avoid hindering blood circulation. In case of numbness loosen the splint and remove it if necessary. If complaints continue, please contact your doctor.

Please take care that you order the correct size; we are unable to accept returns of this product once the packaging has been opened.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Made out of 84 % polyamide, 16 % spandex
  • Protects both hips
Only Large and X-Large available


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