Essentials Shower Stool


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The Essentials Shower Stool is our most affordable shower stool that comes with support arms, it is used to provide its user with stability while bathing but can be used for general use too. 

The main benefits of this shower stool are that they reduce the chance of falls likely to happen in bathrooms and showers, they also provide a place for users to sit comfortably while bathing.

It is lightweight and easy to move around, so you can use it in any room and offers extra stability compared to traditional shower stools because of its added support arms and non-slip grips on its adjustable legs, which can be set to be slanted or level.

Manufactured with high-quality powder-coated steel and lightweight aluminium, you can have peace of mind that you are buying good quality and a safe product. 

What is the Essentials range?

A range that is easy to use and offers all the important features and benefits, like safety, durability and usability at an affordable price.

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  • Strong steel frame and aluminium leg
  • Plastic Seat
  • Total height adjustable
  • With anti-slip tips
  • Total length: 39cm
  • Total width: 49cm
  • Total height: 67-79.5cm
  • Seat height: 46-58.5cm
  • Seat depth: 30cm
  • Seat width: 49.5cm
  • Armrest height: 21cm
  • Weight capacity: 136kg