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Essentials Over Toilet Frame


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Code: ESS-BA312S

The Essentials Toilet Frame is a lightweight, corrosive resistant and easy to use toilet frame used to prevent falls that can happen when going to the bathroom. 

Its wide stance legs and grab rails provide extra stability preventing the frame from tipping over, while its non-slip tips prevent the frame from slipping out from the user. 

An absolute essential if you are wanting to improve safety in the bathroom. 

What is the Essentials range?

A range that is easy to use and offers all the important features and benefits, like safety, durability and usability at an affordable price.

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  • Total length: 51cm
  • Total width: 55cm
  • Total height: 61-73cm
  • Seat height: 41-53cm
  • Seat depth: 43cm
  • Seat width: 47cm
  • Armrest height: 19cm
  • Weight capacity: 136kg