Bort Diabetic Orthopaedic Shoes

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Please, talk to your doctor before purchasing this product!

Intended purpose
This medical device is a therapeutic shoe/orthopaedic shoe (short-term/longterm) and is mostly used for the treatment of acute damages to the foot and
restores mobility in-part.

Extensive plantar wounds, no use without adequate bandaging/covering
of the skin in the wound area.

Application risks/Important notes
This medical device is a prescribable product. Discuss the use and duration
with your treating physician. The expert staff from whom you have received
the medical device will select the appropriate size and instruct you regarding
its use.

  • remove the medical device prior to radiological examinations
  • you may not drive a vehicle whilst wearing the BORT orthopaedic shoe
  • if wearing at night is prescribed, avoid negative influence on the circulatory
  • system
  • in case of numbness, loosen the medical device and remove it if necessary
  • in case of persistent complaints, consult the physician or specialist retailer
  • use the medical device in accordance with therapeutic needs
  • only use other products simultaneously after consultation with your
  • physician
  • do not make any changes to the product
  • do not wear it on open wounds
  • do not use in case of intolerance of one of the materials used
  • no re-use – this medical aid is intended for treating one patient
  • whilst wearing the brace, please neither use any creams nor ointments on
  • or around it as they can destroy the material

Material composition
50% Polyurethane (PUR), 35% polyester (PES), 15% polyamide (PA)

  • Orthopaedic shoe, open with a removable forefoot/toe cap
  • Removable soft pad cushioning with a honeycomb structure
  • Reinforced anti-slip sole with foot rolling motion aid
  • Pack: sold in pair


EUR Size UK Size
37-38 4-5
39-40 6-6.5
43-44 9-9.5
45-46 10-11
47-48 12-13


The Med-Benefits

  • Soft pad cushioning with individually removable honeycomb elements for local pressure relief
  • Additional protection by the removable forefoot/toe cap
  • No inner seams
  • Wounds in the foot and ankle region due to diabetes mellitus
  • Peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD)
  • Further wounds in the foot and ankle region
  • Post-traumatic
  • Post-operative

Please, read full instruction here