Car Seat Turntable | SPENCER
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This turntable has a washable fleece cover to reduce pain and make turning easier while seated.
Flexes to fit contour of the seat, without restricting rotation movement.


 Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ


  • The Turntable is made from ABS plastic, which has been test loaded to 30 stone
  • The turning motion is achieved through a twin ball race with 2 rows of ball-bearings,
    giving the best turning movement available
  • The cushion is light in weight but extremely robust. The quality foam padding and 15” diameter width make it comfortable for sitting. The height is approximately 2” (50mm)
  • The cushion works well on the majority of car seats but should you find that the
    rotating motion is not satisfactory in your car, then a small foam circle placed on the car seat to take up ‘dip’ in the seat design will aid the rotation. We will supply this free of charge on request


Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ


  • Diameter: 385mm
  • Max. user weight: 190 kg (30 stone)
  • ABS Plastic Turntable with twin ball-race
  • The Turntable is supplied with a safety harness to attach it to the car seat
  • The top ‘fleece’ cover is washable and is flame retardant
  • The Turntable can be used as a turning aid in the car, on a chair or bed, or as a stand-on turntable in an indoor carpeted environment