Washable Bedpad
Drawpad Green with flaps
85cm x 90cm
800ml capacity

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This is a new bed pad with flaps (aka Kylies). It is extremely light with a waterproof polyurethane (PU) backing and a top surface of densely woven polyester.

Please be aware that the bed pads with flaps are designed for a single bed only.

The bed pad measures 90 cm wide, which is the width of a single bed,  the flaps measure about 40cm and should tuck down the sides and under the mattress (this would not happen with a wider bed).


  • Measures 85x90cm
  • Absorbency = 800ml

  • Very light and economic to launder
  • Softer surface for the user to lie on than a draw sheet
  • Densely woven Polyester surface disperses moisture away from the skin and ensures durability
  • Polyurethane (PU) back is more dryer friendly than PVC and will not crack (MAXIMUM 80⁰C)
  • Non-slip surface that will grip the bed and not ripple
  • Very cost effective


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    • Wash before use
    • Place the Green side face down on bed.  Bed Sheets go underneath the Bedpad/Kylie - i.e. lie on top of the Bedpad/Kylie
    • Please note - If you do wash Polyurethane (PU) with bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide bleach is recommended as Chlorine bleach will damage PU.  Warm wash, Warm tumble dry (below 70⁰C) or line dry, Do not iron.