Washable Bedpad | Super Blue | 85cm x 90cm | 1.5L capacity

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This is a bedpad that can be used as a surface protector. It is extremely light with a waterproof polyurethane (PU) backing and a top surface of densely woven polyester.

The bedpads are designed to wick away moisture into the soakers so if they wet it a little the top should dry very quickly.

The bed pad measures 90 cm wide, which is the width of a single bed,  the flaps measure about 40cm and should tuck down the sides and under the mattress (this would not happen with a wider bed). 

  • Measures 85cm x 90cm - Polyester Top / PU Backing
  • Absorbency = 1500ml
  • Option with or without flaps

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  • Soft, stay-dry surface for improved skin-care channels moisture away from the skin, leaving the surface and the patient feeling dry.
  • Absorbent polyester/rayon soaker ensures effective fluid containment.
  • Impervious barrier shields bed linens from fluid damage, avoiding unnecessary changes.
  • Durable construction withstands numerous launderings, providing long term use and value.
  • Rounded corner design reduces abrasion.
  • Very light and economic to launder
  • Non-slip surface that will grip the bed and not ripple
  • Very cost-effective
  • Wash before use
  • Place the blue side face down on the bed.  Bed Sheets go underneath the Bedpad/Kylie - i.e. lie on top of the Bedpad/Kylie
  • Please note - If you do wash Polyurethane (PU) with bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide bleach is recommended as Chlorine bleach will damage PU.  Warm wash, warm tumble dry (below 70⁰C) or line dry, Do not iron.
  • Polyurethane (PU) back is more dryer friendly than PVC and will not crack (MAXIMUM 80⁰C) 

1) Can I use a mattress protector and/or a bedpad with an electric blanket?

You can use BOTH the mattress protector and the Kylie bedpad with an electric blanket. Please, make sure you follow the instructions that come with your electric blanket. 

Here is the order for how you should use it.

  1. Mattress
  2. Mattress protector
  3. Electric blanket
  4. Normal Fitted sheet
  5. Bedpad
  6. Person