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ICare Bed Wedge Cushion


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The ICare Bed Wedge Cushion can be used to elevate the upper body to alleviate acid reflux, respiratory problems, and back or neck pain.

It can also be used to increase circulation and reduce conditions such as varicose veins in the legs. The Icare bed wedge can also be placed under one end of your mattress for alleviating head or legs.

Pressure Redistribution
The overlay features the ActiveX™ Lite material is the main comfort layer in this mattress. ActiveX™ is a high grade of elastic type foam that is responsive to the temperature around inflamed areas. ActiveX™ will become softer as it becomes warmer. So around a pressure point, it will always soften and allow the blood to circulate freely.

Ventilated Base Fabric
Vant fabric is a three-dimensional polypropylene material that has high air permeability and is anti-bacterial. Using this in the base greatly increases air movement.


*Please take care that you order the correct type of cushion as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of this product once packaging has been opened for sanitary reasons.

  • High-density viscoelastic
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Width: 78cm
  • Length: 68cm
  • Depth: 21cm (thick end)
  • Gradient: 1:3.24
  • Angle: 18 degrees