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MAC PPE Sanitiser | For Wheelchairs & Mobility Equipment | Arandell


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Effectively sanitises and freshens PPE (personal protective equipment).

The Arandell Surface Sanitiser is a powerful and versatile disinfectant. It's a hospital grade product suitable for mobility equipment and things that you handle with frequency.

It kills common germs, viruses and fungi. It is safe for soft furnishings such as mattresses and carpets. It can also be used on equipment and machinery; high touchpoints like handles, rails and lifts. Also suitable for areas conducive to mould and mildew such as storerooms, wet area, sinks and bins.


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  • Powerful antimicrobial action against bacteria, fungi and lipid enveloped viruses
  • Effective odour neutralising counteractant
  • Leaves PPE gear hygienically fresh and sanitised
  • Extends the life span of traditionally hard to clean PPE
  • Works on a molecular level to break down bacterial malodour caused by: body odour, stale/musty smells, urine, organic compounds, smoke etc
  • Non-staining mist spray to optimise coverage and  minimise drying time (average 3-5 minutes)
  • Penetrates fabric, safe on most substrates (test patch recommended)
  • Use on PPE at the start of the end of each shift
  • Safe on soft furnishings
  • Gender-neutral fresh fragrance

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  • Work boots, earmuffs, hi-viz vest and jackets, body armour, overalls,  work gloves, hard hats etc
  • Carpets, mattresses, wheelchairs, common seating areas, window coverings and alike
  • MPI approved C102
  • AsureQuality approved