All-in-one | Abri-Form Premium | 4000ml capacity | Size: L4

All-in-one | Abri-Form Premium | 4000ml capacity | Size: L4

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This All-in-One is a highly absorbent disposable style pad that wraps around the body with adhesive tabs, designed for optimum leakage security. The ABENA Abri-Form Premium is particularly suitable for overnight use, catering to both bladder and bowel incontinence

It is 100% air breathable with a fabric-like backing that is comfortable without compromising on the effectiveness of the waterproof capabilities. It features a top dry layer to draw wetness away from the skin, it has leak guards and a wetness indicator. The wetness indicator is particularly useful for those who require aid from a carer.

The Premium range offers top-end quality and for those who need the highest level of absorbency. It is 100% breathable as opposed to breathable side panels.


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Abri Form Premium L4
Packet Size:14
Capacity: 4000ml
Hip Size: 100 -150cm

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  • Full breathability
  • Soft, comfortable and noiseless
  • Optimal leakage protection 
  • Unique Top Dry system providing a dry surface and rapid absorption
  • Excellent absorption
  • Flexible tape equipped with adhesive and hooks to allow for repositioning
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached
  • Nordic Eco-Label
  • Dermatologically tested



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