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Abri-Flex Premium | 1400ml capacity | Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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ABENA Abri-Flex pull-up pants are developed with the user’s comfort and confidence at the forefront. With a focus on fit and security, they are designed to be worn like normal underwear – enhancing a feeling of dignity, and providing the freedom to enjoy day-to-day activities, without the worry that incontinence can bring.

Abri-Flex Premium has a focus on staying in place, with better elastics than equivalent products. The exterior is super soft and 100% air-breathable – as well as being comfortable, this protects the integrity of the skin. They are available in different capacities to suit varying levels of incontinence.

The discreet wetness indicator shows when it is ready for changing and is very useful for those who have a carer.


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Small -S1:
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 1400ml
Hip Size: 60 - 90cm

Medium - M1: 
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 1400ml
Hip Size: 80 - 110cm

Large - L1: 
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 1400ml
Hip Size: 100 - 140cm

Extra Large - XL1:
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 1400ml
Hip Size: 130 - 170cm



Abri-Flex is available in other capacities and sizes:

Abri-Flex 2400ml capacity | Sizes: Medium and Large

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Abri-Man Features | Pad for men  | Incontinence | Radius Shop | NZ

  • Abri-Flex stays in place better with more elastics than equivalent products
  • Super soft and breathable textile-like exterior to enhance comfort and skin integrity
  • Discreet wetness indicator
  • Awarded the Swan Ecolabel


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