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 Nateen Easy-8 Promotion


Soft, breathable and convenient to use the EASY-8 SUPER ULTRA insert pads from Nateen incorporate a super absorbent powder designed for fast absorption and dryness, offering a high-quality pad with a multi-layer absorption core. Click here to shop Nateen Easy-8 Products 



BDET Promotion

BDÉT is an eco-friendly brand from New Zealand innovating in the personal hygiene industry eliminating the need for wet wipes. Click here to shop BDÉT's products 


Essentials range

A range that is easy to use and offers all the important features and benefits, like safety, durability and usability at an affordable price. Click here to view the full range 


AutoShip Radius Shop | Automate Incontinence Products Orders | NZ

With AutoShip, you can save on every order. Plus, get peace of mind when automating your orders so you will never run out of disposable incontinence products. You choose the frequency that you need for the products that you need. The plan is flexible and you can manage everything online or by calling us. Also, you can skip orders and cancel it at any time. To learn more about Autoship click here.


 Discount on Incontinence Products | Adult Incontinence | Radius Shop | NZ


It's easy to save when you buy in bulk! Simply use the discount code (10%) on the gift pop-up box on the right hand bottom of our website and get 10% OFF orders. Learn how to apply your discount code with the infographic below:

 To check Disposable Incontinence Products click here.