Disposable Incontinence Range

Learn more about the different ranges and brands of disposable incontinence products that you find at Radius Shop and also how to save every day in your regular orders!

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 How can you save on incontinence products?

The Radius Shop offers a few options for you to save on incontinence:

1. Instead of buying your incontinence product buy unit, you can buy on bulk!

For that, you need to select the 10% OFF = 10 packets option under the option Number of Packets (you buy 10 packets and you basically pay for 9). This option also offers you a reduced shipping fee, which is different from when you buy per unit.

2. Subscribe to the AutoShip - automate your order in the frequency that you need. 

This option offers you 5% OFF on every order!

If you choose to buy the bulk option, you will get the 10% OFF = 10 packets, and an additional 5% OFF. 

The AutoShip subscription is very flexible. You can manage your account at any time, skipping orders, setting up a new delivery frequency, or even cancel it at any time free of charges or surprises!

To learn more about AustoShip, please click here.


If you have any questions, please contact our team on 0800 213 313 or shop@radiuscare.co.nz 

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