Buyers guide to Walking Aids

Walking aids help users balance, walk for more extended periods and help them live their lives more independently. 


They are used by people who have had an injury or are experiencing a disability, but some are used for general use. It just depends on what needs the user has. An excellent way to visualise it is as a spectrum for how immobilised a person may be, starting with walking sticks to wheelchairs.   



Walking sticks & Canes  

Walking stick

Great for users experiencing discomfort on one of their legs, they provide balance to the user and act as a spare leg which they can put weight onto so that they can move with less discomfort. 

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Walking Poles 

Walking poles

Walking poles are perfect for more active users who want to extend the periods of time they can be out walking. They offer something to put their weight onto while walking, often used for hiking and tramping but can be used for general use too. 

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Walking Frames 

Walking frame

They are great for users who are a little less steady on their feet but are often more challenging to manoeuvre than rollators. The main benefits of walking frames are that they offer stability & balance because of their four support legs.  

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Rollators and Walkers 


Rollators/Walkers are great for users who have reduced strength. Because they do not require being picked up to move, as they are being pushed and turned. They are great for users who need support while walking and the seat offers a place to rest on the go.  

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Wheelchairs are for users who are experiencing a significantly reduced amount of mobility. The user can be seated and pushed or propel themselves around, which still allows them to move independently. They are stable and offer a place for the user to both rest and be mobile. 

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Crutches tend to be used for persons injured with fractures and sprains and used to support other injuries. They are good if the user has balance, strength and endurance. 

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If you are having trouble knowing if you need a walking aid then it is always best to speak to a medical professional as they will be able to point you in the right direction.